Tango without limits...

FMT Dance Company

Even though Ivan and Sara currently work primarily with Argentine Tango, they have experience with ballet, contemporary dance, salsa, bachata, tap, Argentine folklore, Croatian folklore, jazz, flamenco and urban dance. Basically, they love to dance!

Through their experience with dance, they noticed that many dance forms have overlapping points of contact - that good movement is good movement regardless of style. It is due to this perspective that they created a unique dance company -
FMT Dance Company - in order to 1. explore ideas about the intersection of technique and expression among different dance styles, 2. provide opportunities to up-and-coming dancers worldwide and 3. create wonderful original productions, including original music, and share them with the world.

FMT company's first production was
4Seasons - an Argentine Tango musical telling the story of 4 very different couples of friends and their relationships through the span of four seasons. The show premiered in Moscow's prestigious Dom Muzykiy to the live music of Tango en Vivo. Now the company in the process of creating and producing Entre Suenos, a semi-autobiographical coming of age story of a young immigrant boy told through music and dance. The company intends to commission and record original music for an hour-long production, hold workshops for emerging dancers, create multimedia content for the performance, and hire musicians, dancers and choreographers.